Auto Accident & Workers Compensation Claims

Auto Insurance and Workers Compensation

Here at Farmington Drugs, we specialize in Auto accident and Workers Compensation claims. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our patients.

We utilize one of many services such as free same-day delivery, when applicable, or guaranteed next-day delivery for prescriptions. We also contact doctors offices to obtain refills on prescription refills to make filling prescriptions and refilling medications as convenient as possible.

Many patients are not aware that when it comes to auto accident and Workers Compensation claims, they have the right to use the pharmacy of their choice! Give us a call, we always go above and beyond for each of our patients.

  • Patients will not have an out of pocket cost while the claim is open.
  • The patient pays no co-pay and even the delivery is free!
  • For claims under litigation, we will work with the patient, lawyer, and adjuster to make sure the patient continues to receive their medications without any interruptions.